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Bellman Baby Cry Pager Pack [BE8020]

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A market leading baby monitor for hearing impaired parents

The Bellman Baby Cry Pager Pack is a market leading baby monitor for hearing impaired parents. It includes a full system monitoring system to monitor your baby and deliver all important peace of mind.

It includes a Bellman Visit Baby Cry Transmitter, Bellman Visit Pager Receiver, Bellman Visit Pager Charger and a Bellman Visit Bed Shaker.

During the day, the pager clips onto your belt and allows you to move around the house and still be alerted when your baby cries. The Bellman Visit Pager Receiver notifies you with vibrations and a lighted symbol when the transmitter is activated. The receiver is a small, light-weight device that can be carried in your pocket or on your belt.

At night, the pager is plugged into the charging stand beside your bed.  The charger connects to the bed shaker, which is place under your pillow. This ensures you will be alerted if your baby cries while sleeping.

These components can be connected to work with other units in the Bellman Visit range, including the Bellman Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Bellman Telephone/Multi Purpose Transmitter and Bellman Visit Door Transmitter systems.

This is a feature rich baby monitor for hearing impaired parents - offering peace of mind and flexibility to incorporate other safety and alerting devices if needed.

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