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Bellman Alarm Clock Pro [BE1370]

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Alarm clocks for hearing impaired: Bellman Alarm Clock Pro 

Alarm clocks for hearing impaired sleepers require a range of special features and attributes. The Bellman Alarm Clock Pro delivers on all fronts. 

Extra loud, audible alarm

The Bellman Alarm Clock Pro delivers an audible alarm measuring more than 100 dB, which increases gradually in volume. The alarm clock signal sweeps through the frequencies so that even if you have trouble hearing a particular frequency, you are still sure to be woken. 

Wake up to vibrations

A powerful bed shaker is also included in the package. Just place it under your pillow and it will wake you up with strong vibrations when the alarm goes off. The bed shaker that comes with the Pro and Visit model also emits a sound.

Wake up to flashing lights

Some people prefer to be woken by a flashing light, or to use this in addition to an audible alarm. The Bellman Pro and Visit alarm clock models both feature a high intensity LED flash option (which flashes four times);  the same type you will find in a modern camera or a cell phone. 

Find your way in the dark

Both Bellman Pro and Visit alarm clock models also feature a special night light, which provides a gentle blue light to guide you back to bed without disturbing others. 

Smart snooze

If you like to catch a few extra minutes in bed in the morning, you'll appreciate the smart snooze feature. This reduces the snooze interval from 9 to 2 minutes, by 2 minutes at a time, making sure you don't unintentionally fall back asleep.

Reliable in all conditions

The also clock features a powerful battery backup that will step in whenever the power goes out. The backup battery not only keeps the time, but it also keeps the bed shaker and flash lights at full power.

Connectivity to other alerting devices?

If you need your Bellman alarm clock to connect to a Bellman visit receiver, you will need to use a Bellman Visit Alarm Clock Visit [model BE1380].

Compare Bellman alarm clocks

Bellman manufacture three different types of alarm clocks for hearing impaired sleepers. You can compare the features of these three clocks here.

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