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Bellman Audio Maxi Digital Listener with Earbuds [BE2023]

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Easy to use hearing amplifier

Bellman Audio Maxi Digital Listener is an easy to use hearing amplifier for people who need some help with their hearing, but don't need hearing aids. It's also commonly used by people that have difficulty managing traditional hearing aids.

Bellman Audio Maxi Digital Listener is a hearing amplifier that enhances speech, sound and music in different listening situations. It's designed especially for people who need an easy-to-use device with large tactile controls and clear indications. 

This hearing amplifier uses digital technology to clarify speech and reduce unnecessary background noise. Thanks to its unique microphone suspension, Maxi's ultra-sensitive microphone is effectively protected from handling noise. This guarantees hours of comfortable and noise-free listening.

Bellman Audio Maxi has been designed with simplicity and usability in mind. The unique design makes Maxi intuitive to use. All common functions can be accessed from a single button and there are no complicated menus to get lost in. You can also adjust and adapt Maxi to your individual requirements using the settings button. These settings include:

Balance – The balance between the right and left channels can be set. This can be used to compensate for a hearing loss in one ear.

Basic attenuation – This setting is useful for when you want to adjust the maximum volume output of the amplifier. It prevents the user from turning the amplifier up too loud.

Blocking the T switch –
This setting can be used for those who will never use the Telecoil and want to avoid selecting this position by mistake.

Tone control lock – To prevent the tone control being changed by the user it is possible to lock it out so it remains set in the same position.

Its high contrast colouring, large tactile buttons and soft grip materials make Maxi an ideal hearing amplifier for people that require flexibility, quality and ease of use.

This package includes the Maxi with a pair of high sensitivity stereo earbuds. Maxi earbuds are specially selected to deliver optimum sound and feedback reduction. This hearing amplifier can also be paired with different headset options, depending on your personal preference. It can be paired with headphones, a neckloop or a stethoclip

The Bellman Audio Maxi Digital Listener with Earbuds bundle includes:

  • Bellman Audio Maxi Digital Listener   
    • Stereo Earbuds
    • Lanyard
    • Belt clip
    • User manual
    • AA alkaline batteries

              Technical features:

              Microphones 1 x Omnidirectional
              Signal Processing 16 bit, all digital
              Telecoil Allows access to loop systems
              Batteries 2 x Alkaline AA batteries

              View the Bellman Audio Maxi video below to learn how to set up and use of this hearing amplifier device. 

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