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Bellman Smoke Alarm Pack [BE8044]

  • 57000

The Bellman Smoke Alarm Pack includes all the components necessary to provide a person with a visual and tactile (vibrating) alert in the instance of a fire.

The Visit Flash device is placed beside the bed and connected to the Visit Bed Shaker. When the smoke alarm is activated it sends a radio signal to the Visit Flash. The Visit Flash is connected to power via a mains adaptor and has a built in rechargeable battery backup.

Additional Bellman Visit transmitters can be added to this package to alert the user to other activities in the home including the doorbell, telephone or a crying baby.

Package includes the following items:

1 x Visit Flash - Strobe light. Includes mains power adaptor and battery backup.

1 x Visit Smoke Alarm - Photo Electric 9V Battery powered with radio transmitter (additional smoke alarms can be purchased)

1 x Visit Bed Shaker - Connects to the flash and is placed under the pillow.

Optional Transmitters

BE1123 Telephone transmitter $115.00

BE1023 Doorbell Transmitter $139.00

BE1290 Baby Cry Monitor $199.00


Please note that subsidy schemes exist in a number of states.  For the latest information, including eligibility criteria, please contact your state Deaf Society or Fire Brigade.


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