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Bellman Visit Door Transmitter [BE1023]

  • 14900

Doorbell for hearing impaired or hard of hearing

This doorbell for hearing impaired or hard of hearing people sends a signal to alert you to when the doorbell rings, even if you are several rooms away.

The Bellman Visit Door Transmitter detects the sound of your doorbell and alerts you - by a flash, sound or vibration - via a Bellman receiver. This way you will always know when your guests arrive. It can also be used as a telephone alert as well. 

Installation of the device is extremely simple - simply attach the door transmitter near the doorbell or intercom telephone. It is activated by both mechanical/electrical doorbells and intercom telephones.

When activated, the door transmitter sends a radio signal to the Bellman Visit receiver - alerting you via a flash, sound or vibration (depending on your receiving device and preference). 


This doorbell for hearing impaired or hard of hearing individuals is part of the Bellman Visit system and requires at least one Bellman Visit receiver device to operate. It can be paired with any device in the Bellman Visit receiver range, including the Bellman Visit Portable Receiver, the Bellman Visit Pager Receiver or the Bellman Visit Flash Receiver.

Multiple detection Can detect both the doorbell and intercom
Customizable signal Choose an individual alert for each door
Adjustable radio key Allows for multiple systems in one area
Reliable transmission      Uses a highly robust radio link
Long lasting power Lasts up to 3 years on a standard battery


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